Improve Your Backbends Safely and Effectively

Deepen your knowledge and advance your asanas, with concepts and exercises that work.

In this workshop course, you'll learn:

  • How to approach backbending responsibly and safely
  • How to maintain your breath in backbends and use your breath to deepen your experience
  • How to to relieve acute or chronic back pain
  • How to prevent aches and pains and protect yourself from longer-term damage
  • How to access more complete range of motion in your stubborn shoulders!
  • How to create a more even and aesthetic backbend shape
  • How to rotate your shoulders in backbends — achieving the full/flipped/pigeon grip without "cheating" your spine
  • How to develop active flexibility (vs. passive) in your backbending practice
  • How to strengthen the muscles supporting your spine
  • How to approach and work on backbending inversions — including scorpion and hollowback poses

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Start Here

  • 2

    Part One: Safety

    • Workshop One: Safety

    • Homework: Salutes to the Gods and Goddesses

    • Homework: Wall Walks

  • 3

    Part Two: Shoulders

    • Workshop Two: Shoulders

    • Shoulder Awareness Sequence

    • Posture Breakdown: Vyaghrasana (Tiger Pose)

  • 4

    Part Three: Strength

    • Workshop Three: Strength

    • Homework: Dolphin Pushups

    • Homework: Wheel Pushups

  • 5

    Bonus Materials

    • Hatha Vinyasa Integration Class 1

    • Hatha Vinyasa Integration Class 2

    • Hatha Vinyasa Integration Class 3

    • Hatha Vinyasa Sadhana

    • Posture Breakdown: Urdhva Dhanurasana (Wheel Pose)

    • Posture Breakdown: Salabhasana (Locust Throat Stand)

Yogi Approved

Read real testimonials from students who've taken the course

There were so many ‘a-ha’ moments for me within the workshop series — too many to list! The most impactful takeaway from the workshop series was your detailed guidance on how to establish a strong foundation in backbending practice and your insightful dissection of each of the asanas with impeccable verbal cues — so many details that  I had never been taught before!

Lynda, yoga teacher

Henry’s expertise shines in ALL the limbs of yoga and this workshop creates a practice in alignment that connects the dots one at a time !  My body (literally skeletal and musculature) is more aware and alive thanks to Henry’s genius and exemplary teaching skills.

Carrie, yoga teacher

My practice has already changed. I'm experiencing improvements in backbending and more comfort in my lower back.

Fatima, student of one year

This workshop series actually answered a few questions I've had for years.

Fannie, yoga teacher of 800+ training hours

As a circus artist (and not too much of a yogi), I will incorporate many of these drills into my flexibility training.

Alex, circus artist and performer

After these workshops, I'm practicing much healthier backbends that don't rely on flexibility so much (less lower back pain from backbending unhealthily!)

Nathalie, new yoga teacher

My favorite part was the decomposition with tips of each posture we were practicing. I loved that you mixed explanations of a physical level and deeper levels.  It was always very clear.

Alix, yoga teacher of 800+ training hours

After these workshops, my practice will be more safe and strong, especially on backbends. I was able to understand a lot that i was not doing before, and for that I'm very grateful. The backbend drills that I learned in the course are working, and the whole experience has me motivated and happy as a yoga student and a yoga teacher. I always love to learn more.

Paula, yoga teacher of 1,000+ training hours

There is no better instructor to teach you how to backbend properly.

Rovin, student

My practice has already changed during the weeks of the workshop. I am using more strength than I ever used before in my asanas! My spine opened in one new way (and it keeps opening), so I am going to have a lot of fun exploring it. Plus, I am going to practice the postures I was scared of, which is a big change too! 

Sonja, yoga teacher

As a result of these workshops, honestly my practice will change dramatically. I will use these workshops every Saturday at the same time to work with the drills. Henry is knowledgeable, kind, and committed to his practice. There is so much to learn from him. 

Carmynn, yoga teacher


Henry created a safe and comfortable space to explore some difficult postures. He offered practical, helpful tips which were all based on experience and a genuine enthusiasm for asana practice, which has left me totally inspired and encouraged. 

David, yoga teacher

Meet the Teacher

Henry Winslow

I’m Henry. I offer online yoga classes, workshops, and programs for dedicated practitioners looking to advance their skills and deepen their Self connection.

Before I shifted my work online, I had taught yoga in 10+ countries, traveled the world offering specialized workshops and retreats, and even facilitated yoga teacher trainings. In 2018, I won the 2018 World Yoga Asana Championships in Beijing (yes, competitive yoga is a thing). I’ve also hosted a 108-episode podcast, Dharma Talk, and created a mobile app-based yoga program, which has since been integrated into Omstars, the “Netflix of Yoga.”

Of course, I never could have predicted any of this. In many ways, it’s still shocking to read or write out my yogic pedigree. Like most, I started my practice from humble beginnings — average flexibility, zero knowledge of yogic tradition, and a sense of awe around those who’d walked the path before me.