Unlock the Power of Your Hips

What's Covered in the Course

SESSION ONE will focus on demystifying the many categories of "hip opening" postures. You will take away a framework for understanding what may be holding you back from various asanas or deeper expressions and a plan for making progress.

In the first session, we'll cover:
- What does "hip opening" mean? Breaking down the movements of the hip
- How to develop strength to support a healthy range of motion in the hips
- How to access the splits — front (hanumanasana) and middle (samakonasa) with modification options
- How to access lotus (padmasana) and leg behind the head (eka pada sirsasana) — step by step breakdown with emphasis on safety and mechanics of external rotation

SESSION TWO will dive into energetic locks and the application of bandhas to specific arm balances and twists, in which the hips (perhaps surprisingly) play a critical role. You will take away a more subtle awareness of your energy anatomy and a more embodied and intentional approach to arm balances and twists.

In the second session, we'll cover:
- What role do bandhas play? Understanding the subtle variations of energy locks to support different asanas
- What do hips have to do with arm balances? Focus on the use of hips and deep abdominals to create levity in various arm balances (tittibhasana, bakasana, eka pada bakasana, etc.)
- How to leverage your hips to make spine twists more effective for therapeutic release

Course curriculum

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    • Day 1: Hip Opening

    • Day 2: Twists and Arm Balances

Yogi Approved

Read real testimonials from students who took the course

What a fun workshop!  I'm astonished by Henry's breadth of knowledge every time I take his class.  His deep understanding of the energetics behinds postures from myriad lineages makes his sequences not only unique and refreshing, but also constructive and safe.  I feel privileged to be his student and can't wait to learn more.

Eveline, four-year practitioner and kids yoga teacher

I love your explanation of bandhas, and I experienced how important it is to apply them in the practice! First day I had a grasshopper breakthrough! And you answered my question about leg behind the head, so I know what to work on. That was super helpful.

Sonja, 8-year practitioner and 5-year teacher

Previously, I felt like I got stuck at a certain ''level.'' After these months of practicing with you, my toolbox got much richer. Through the cues you gave, I feel like I know how to explore further, which is very empowering!

Adam, 11-year practitioner and 3-year teacher

Much like the backbend workshop, the specific cues that Henry uses are invaluable in increasing my awareness in the postures. I anticipate that I will have more progress in opening my hips and in advancing some of the postures that I feel have been stagnant in my practice for some time. I now have direction in what to add to my daily practice to expand it toward my goals. I am also advancing my psychological energy work, and the energetic cues provided in this workshop have already helped me to remove some blockages that inhibit my poses.

Carmynn, 7.5-year practitioner and 1.5-year teacher

Meet the Teacher

Henry Winslow

I’m Henry. I offer online yoga classes, workshops, and programs for dedicated practitioners looking to advance their skills and deepen their Self connection.

Before I shifted my work online, I had taught yoga in 10+ countries, traveled the world offering specialized workshops and retreats, and even facilitated yoga teacher trainings. In 2018, I won the 2018 World Yoga Asana Championships in Beijing (yes, competitive yoga is a thing). I’ve also hosted a 108-episode podcast, Dharma Talk, and created a mobile app-based yoga program, which has since been integrated into Omstars, the “Netflix of Yoga.”

Of course, I never could have predicted any of this. In many ways, it’s still shocking to read or write out my yogic pedigree. Like most, I started my practice from humble beginnings — average flexibility, zero knowledge of yogic tradition, and a sense of awe around those who’d walked the path before me.